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Who are Surfer Penguin?

Our Team

In Surfer Penguin we are a cool team with a lot passionate people whom understand the business of leading generation, with expertese on marketing online, web development, SEO , affiliates experts, ...

In general we spend a lof of years working in a big companies and we decided to do our own business to achieve our goals and make possible our dreams.

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Our Services

Leading generation experts joining this project to do our best and achieve leads with good content, thinking on final users always.

Web Business

Unerstand UX signals to put all together and give final user good tools to compare and find best material / content

Digital Marketing

We have requests to generate leads and conversions through analytical tools, exporting SEO and PPC campaigns, as well as social networks


Using the latest technologies and applying TOKENS and blockchain networks for data storage.

Cloud Servers

Always working with the best peroforming servers and latest technologies

GEO Targeting IPS

Switch content depending on Geo IP to give the best material per country, we will focus on LATAM markets

Web Experts

In order to be one of the best affiliates sites we have the best devs and techs with a lot of years of expertese on this business

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Our Products

We are proud to present you our four star products

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Target Markets

Surferpenguin target markets are now Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Spain

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