Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are digital marketing professionals and technology experts, we have extensive experience in igaming and affiliation.

We have a team of outstanding professionals who make us different from the rest and we have an "out of the box" mentality, we will never give up looking for new solutions to the world of igaming.

Our Team

In Surfer Penguin we are a cool team with a lot passionate people whom understand the business of leading generation, with big talent on marketing online, web development, SEO , affiliates experts, ...

In general we spend a lof of years working in big companies and we decided to do our own business to achieve our goals and make possible our dreams.

Ruben Arias

Ruben Arias

Founder and i-gaming expert


Pablo Fernández

Pablo Fernández

Founder and CEO / UX and software engineer

Eva Arroyo

Eva Arroyo

Founder and journalist and content writer / social media and community manager

Fran J.

Fran J.

Sports trader and crypto guru/ youtuber and one of the best betting experts in the world.

Our Value

Our Mission is to be the best in leading generation, generating quality leads and conversions in the most interesting and important markets in LATAM and Spain.

We also have the mission and obligation to transfer our knowledge of sports betting and casinos to the users of our portals so that they learn and enjoy playing responsibly.

Surferpenguin on Media

SIGMA interviews Surfer Penguin

Pablo Fernandez and the rest of the team at Surfer Penguin are a young team. They focus on the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries; the languages that they speak. Performance is their day-to-day task, and they pay special attention to web performance, usability, and accessibility – follow his story below.

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